The Start of Something New

Hey y'all!

This is my first blog post (that I won't write and then decide later to delete).

A great friend of mine emailed me a while back with an idea to help open our eyes on the wonderful aspects of our lives that we got too comfortable with and overlooked. It was simple, really. All we had to do was share a picture a day of something that made us happy, grateful, or impressed. Unfortunately, it was an idea we never followed through on. Today I've decided that I want to try it out. Here. On my blog that never really had a purpose or personality. I won't post everyday but when I do I'll try and make it positive!

What do I have to lose? And if anyone else can gain appreciation through my thoughts, well, that's a bonus I will gladly accept.

Day 1:
This isn't the best example, but I am grateful for having the ability to see the possible beauty in broken things. The end result definitely impressed me- and for that I am sooooo happy.

What makes you happy? 


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