Riviera Maya, Mexico

I'm finally home from a week in Mexico! Who knew I'd be so excited to come home?! 

Here are a few of my favorite photos:
The beach was great (although I never complain about beaches)! 

The food was decent, but what really impressed me was the quality of the meals and appetizers at the all-inclusive restaurants! I wish we could've ate every meal in the dinner restaurants.

I stayed at Ocean Coral & Torquesa and have no major complaints; I wasn't blown away and I wasn't disappointed with the trip. In conclusion, I probably wouldn't recommend this resort to others and I would try another all-inclusive resort next time to see the difference between them! 

I sound like a travel agent so let me get to the juicy details! In the mornings you could go to the buffet and get typical breakfast food (not the best in my opinion) but they had a great omelet station so I typically had omelets for breakfast! Occasionally I would get a fruit smoothie if I wasn't feeling up to the whole buffet ordeal. Then the girls and I would lather up with sun screen and glue out selves to the lounge chairs. With drink services and jumping into the pool when it got too hot we didn't really leave there until lunch. Oh Lunch- that was also a buffet or the snack bar but I'm not a huge fan of buffets and I found myself eating pasta daily (terrible, I know). Then, we headed to the beach since this was always the hottest part of the day and wanted to take advantage of the wind from the water! For dinner we got to choose between quite a few restaurants (Japanese/ hibachi, Italian, Mexican, etc.) those were GREAT. 9/10 that ended our day in the sun and we went to bed for the night, but it was great so we could be up early the next day and repeat!  


  1. I am so jealous!�� I live in San Diego and i'm literally, 15mins north of the Mexican border but have never made a vacation trip there. Except to get tacos for dinner... A lot of people I know always suggest that I go to Rosarito for a weekend and enjoy the scenery. I still need to save up but I suggest you go there too if you haven't.��

  2. That is so great that you are traveling and enjoying yourself! I hope to visit Riviera Maya, MX. Looks beautiful from the pictures you took in this blog post.


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