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There's a little debate going on in my head about whether or not I should post experiences from years ago on my blog. Then it finally dawned on me that those experiences made me the traveling, loving, food-addicted fashionista that I am. So here it goes....

I've posted before that I LOVE New York City. It's a completely different atmosphere than my usual surroundings. That being said let me introduce you to a few places that NYC brought to me (and I'm not just talking about Manhattan)!

First and foremost there's Brighton Beach. It’s in the southern part of Brooklyn and a perfect yet unexpected getaway spot with great little shops and dinning! It's like a Baklava lover’s dream come true. The cutest little dessert and gelato shop had me hooked on sweets my entire stay. I even brought back a box for my dad!

Cafe Rokhat had amazing food with a private outdoor room/ booth with air conditioning so the comfort level was top notch. Tatianna, a Russian Restaurant, was also great and it's right on the boardwalk so you get a great view of the ocean from the patio! I also MUST recommend that you try something new at these restaurants. I learned I have a huge addiction with edible flowers here. They’re just so pretty!

When I decided to go to New York staying in Brooklyn was not my first option but looking back on my trip I am so thankful that I was able to stay in as nice of a hotel as I did for close to nothing! Not only was the price right but it brought me out of the NYC light and into the homier places like Brooklyn, Long Beach, and Staten Island! Not to mention Coney Island was so close and what better to do than bring out my inner Brittany Murphy in Uptown Girls.

When you think of New York what do you think about? Shopping and fashion? Food and pizza? (Oh, the pizza is HUGE & so tasty!) Well, I think of all of the above; not the beach and Summer sun. Boy was I under the wrong impression. The weather was beautiful and the beaches were very similar to Florida! That’s where the unexpected getaway comes from.

There’s a post on here about my specific shopping preferences in the city so I won’t go into that. Below are pictures of Times Square and some of the craziness that occurs there:

(Anyone who knows me knows that this picture is pure fate!)


  1. I hope one day I will be able to visit NYC. My husband and I just moved to Idaho from San Antonio , Texas. My hubby is stationed in Idaho so now we will be exploring the Pacific Northwest but one day I would love to travel to the East Coast.(:


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