Proper Etiquette

Y'all this gets me every time!
So, here are my top 5 proper etiquette tips (most common but forgotten):

1.) Say Please, Thank You & Excuse Me. Often. It is well noted and appreciated.

2.) Write "Thank You" Notes. I've mentioned the importance of writing "thank you" notes on a previous post but I just can't stress it enough.

3.) When Dining; the fork goes on the left of the plate and the knife then the spoon goes on the right. In a lot of dining settings you will be confused as to which fork is for the salad or what the tiny fork is for (oysters, y'all!) and that's OK, but try to educate yourselves on proper settings so that you can feel confident at all dinning settings and even throw your own formal dinner parties!

4.) Know when it is appropriate to talk on the phone. For example, when you're checking out at the department or grocery store it is NOT appropriate to be on your phone. If people are giving you a quizzical/ dirty look then it is most likely not a fit time to be on the phone.

5.) Call for emergencies. Texting is not a proper form of communication when discussing an emergency. In fact, texting has been a serious concern and topic in studies about communication in today's technologically driven world. Try to branch out of that because it is so easy to be sucked into texting as your main form of communication.

These simple tips can take your daily tasks into a more respected activity. People take note of those who put in the effort to be polite and proper!


  1. I agree with everything you said in this blog post. It is so sad how so many people do not have proper etiquette and manners. Oh and another thing that is sad is how chivalry seems to be dying. :(


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