Why do our Favorite Clothes go Unworn?

Ladies, this past weekend I found a gem in the back of my closet. I've had it for a couple years now and I think I've only worn it once.
Annnnnd here it is:
This is a model. Not me or my picture. Cute, right? Well it is I SWEAR.. this picture just doesn't do it justice. Maybe that's why even though I moved to a different state (where it is much warmer and my closet is much bigger) I haven't worn it in years.

I don't even know what made me try it on. It fit too tightly the last time I wore it and nothing special happened that day so I suppose I don't associate the dress with being that great. Oh, but it is.

Please don't mind my princess act.. my hair is just so long and the wind here in Oklahoma City is NO JOKE. 
So back to why our favorite clothes go unworn; we just don't give our clothes enough credit. Simply put, our bodies and style are constantly changing. Pull out those shirts that just didn't fit right and give them a try. I can't tell you how many times I've kept things because they were cute but never wore them because I didn't like the way they fit. Then, one random day I decide to try it on (I probably didn't do laundry for a couples weeks… or months- I can be bad at that) and it fit GREAT! 

If there is one thing I would like you to take from this post it's that our favorite pieces might be the least expected ones. Give those old tees and skirts a try- you never know how much you could love them. Also, put in the effort! If its a fancy dress you want to wear but have nowhere to wear it to find a place to go, set it aside for the next wedding you go to, or do an impromptu photo shoot. Your clothes are a symbol of who you are, your style and personality. Let that always be an important part in picking out your outfit every day and let that be the reason you get all dolled up, or go bare faced and simple into the world for a day or two. Just be you. Your clothes will be you, too.


  1. You're rocking that maxi! So different and unique!

  2. I love how that maxi looks on you! It's amazing how you look at a dress or piece of clothing on a model and think how amazing or ugly it looks on them and then you try it on and make it look great! I definitely agree with what you say in this post. I have so many clothes I haven't worn because I feel like it just doesn't do me justice but weeks or months later I try it on again and it looks great!


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