Topsail Island, NC

Everyday I try to see the possibilities ahead. I wake up thinking today is a new slate and I am going to have a great day! Wrong. That never quite happens because I can't predict the unexpected, but I sure try. Making the best of your situations can, sometimes, be all the greatness you need in a day. Some days keeping your head above water is as great as it is going to get. That's okay, though, there's always tomorrow.

The last 5 weeks consisted of my boyfriends birthday, moving out of our apartment, moving into our new home, getting all new furniture, starting the fall semester, going on vacation to Topsail, NC., a business trip in St. Louis for my boyfriend, and my birthday to top it all off. Needless to say I. Am. Exhausted. I thought this was how I wanted to live and maybe it still is but for right now let me sip on this hot tea while getting a bubble bath ready to gain back some of my lost energy. 

Moving into our new home has gone surprisingly smooth. We have lots of space and a yard now which makes us feel more at home even though neither of us consider Oklahoma "home". To be honest, furnishing the entire house on a small budget wasn't that hard either. I pride myself on being very thrifty. I will probably post more on that later. 

Moving? Done. Birthdays- eh, easy-peasy. School? I can make it work. And finally, vacation- well that should be our reward for this hectic month. 

Reward is an understatement. This vacation was one of the best I've ever experienced. With friends, family, good food, birthday celebrations, and all of the beachfront goodness you could possibly soak up there was no way any of us were letting our vacation at Topsail Island be anything less than amazing.

Topsail Island was new to me so I expected what I know of most other beaches in North and South Carolina; touristy stuff. There was very little of that so we were able to spend quality time with each other and really enjoy the island for all it had to offer. 

Below you will find some of my favorite pictures from vacation!
Home for a week.

I just love this view.

How can you go wrong with a cup of coffee and a beachin' morning?

Time to soak up some rays.

I have puppy fever.

Nights like these are my favorite.

Picture time.

We ended our trip to NC with a beautiful wedding!

I've spotted our beach friend again. Oh, and sorry I almost stole the bride and groom's puppy at brunch.... 


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