Why to go Shopping in Dublin

Here it is: the many reasons I prefer shopping in Dublin than in NYC. Most people would be shocked to hear that, but it's true. Now, hear me out. You may feel the same after reading this short post.
All of these stores are within a half mile of each other.

American Apparel
H&M Flagship Store
Bridal Boutiques (de Stafford bridal and Aspirations Bridal, for examples)
Souvenir Shops (Carrolls)
Patagonia Outlet
Abercrombie & Fitch (almost as fancy as their London store)
The Loft
Tiffany & Co.
MAC Cosmetics
The Body Shop
Hilfiger Denim
Everything from coffee to luxury shopping is located in the city center of Dublin. There is no shortage of restaurants, shopping, and beautiful buildings here. It may seem strange to come to Ireland and make a point to shop your heart out, but I'll admit I never intended to do that. It was just so perfect to get gifts for my family, friends, and even fellow bloggers from the wide variety of stores in a compact area. What would have normally taken me a full day took only a few hours, and I enjoyed coffee in between!
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