NYC Rooftop Bars

I am quite content making mixed drinks or having wine with my friends and having a girls night in, but sometimes I want to get out and see the sights. When I'm traveling, this is almost always the case. I mean... when's the next time I'll be here and have the chance to go to all of these places?! This brings me to the five rooftop bars I checked out in NYC.

The Skylark- 200 W 39th St.
You will get an amazing view, specialty drinks, and be left alone for the majority of the night. The drinks were good and obviously overpriced, but this is the city and you are right there by Times Square so it is to be expected. If location to the city center is important then go here! The manager was not very friendly, but our server was. They only allow a certain amount of people on the rooftop so try to plan accordingly. (Located in the Garment District)

Upstairs at the Kimberly- 145 East 50th St.
This is the "Penthouse of the Kimberly Hotel. It is a total of 3,000 sq. ft. and it is all about the vibe here! With dark furniture and strung lights there is a mood that you can't beat when looking around at the cities tallest buildings. They are open at different times throughout the week so make sure to check before you go. Also, they have brunch on Saturday and Sunday, which I didn't get to experience, but I wish I had. I guess I'll just have to go back...

Refinery Rooftop
I loved the view here (mostly of the Empire State Building), but it was very crowded. I am not sure if that's how some of the other rooftop bars are and we just got lucky, or if this places just wanted us crammed in like sardines. Regardless, I wasn't a huge fan. It was hard to get a drink even though they have a huge bar. There is an inside and outside area here that allows you to stay and mingle even if the weather is bad. That did get some points in my book. I felt rushed and pushed around too much here. We stayed for one drink and left.

Rockefeller Center's Top of the Rock/ Bar SixtyFive- 30 Rockefeller Plz.
Bar SixtyFive is on the 65th floor while "Top of the Rock" consists of the 67-70th floors. I must be clear that they are two separate entities. The Top of the Rock requires admission tickets and I recommend booking them ahead of time. It is essentially a few observation decks of the city and therefore has no dress code. On the other hand, there is Bar SixtyFive. Here, you must dress business casual and I would even recommend something more "formal." There is a terrace at Bar SixtyFive so you may opt to skip the Top of the Rock.


Mr. Purple- 180 Orchard St. 16th Floor
FIRST: They're open until 4 am Thursday-Saturday. Second, this is another hotel's rooftop bar. Hotel Indigo Lower East Side to be exact. They go for the modern industrial look (including metals, reclaimed wood, and hanging lights- think Joanna Gaines). The terrace area here has a swimming pool which I can only assume is popular in the warmer months! They have great selection of wines, craft beers, and cocktails in terms of bar favorites.

I have heard that Bar 54 was another good one- I will check it out next time!


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