New Orleans Food Guide (& a few Must-See's)

First, I should probably start off saying that I didn't have huge expectations for NOLA since we went before Mardi Gras. I was pleasantly surprised by all there is to do and see... and EAT! So here are some great food options:

  • Cafe du Monde- They're open 24/7 and have multiple locations. This is the touristy spot to get beignets and coffee so be prepared for a long line. (Tip: don't wear black- thank me and every other person who has said that later)
  • Royal House- We got red beans, shrimp po' boy, and gumbo and all were good. It's also a perfect spot if you're strolling along Bourbon Street around lunch time.

  • Willie Mae’s Scotch House- Fried chicken, enough said.
  • Brennan’s- Known for their banana foster.
  • New Orleans Coffee & Beignet Co.- They have regular, bite-sized, and chocolate beignets... and great coffee options. What can I say, they stick by their name.

  • Elizabeth’s- Very casual and has praline bacon so an obvious must try.
  • Galatoires- For good gumbo and alcohol.
  • Stanley Restaurant- Eggs Stanley (fried oysters)... yum!
  • Gumbo Shop- Blackened catfish po’ boy, or any kind of po' boy.

  • Mother’s- Jambalaya 
  • Restaurant August- Gnocchi perfect for pre or post-drinking.
  • Pizza Works- Post-drinking grub that's fast and Right. On. Bourbon. Street!

  • Jacques Imos- I didn't notice corn maque choux as a side at any other restaurant, but it's a popular Creole dish that's worth a try!
  • Port of Call- For hamburgers, shrimp po' boys, and baked potatoes. They also have HUGE drinks.

  • Palace Cafe- This is the priciest option on the list. I recommend going for brunch!
  • Cochon Butcher- This is a great place to walk to after you go to the WWII Museum. All of the food is good and a little spicy here. They are busy so try to go for an early or late lunch to beat the crowds.
  • Treasure Island- Great for drinks and live music.
  • Pat O’Brien’s- The most well-known restaurant and bar in NOLA for their Tipperary during Prohibition, dueling piano bar, and hurricane (they are the home of this New Orleans cocktail).

NOLA Survival Tip:

They have signature drinks, some have even originated in New Orleans, but do not drink too many as they are VERY sweet. I like sweet drinks, but I was not prepared for just how sweet the mixes would be. Consider yourself warned.

Now to the Must-See and Do's:

  • Jackson Square and St. Louis Cathedral- go inside, it's free and beautiful
  • The National WWII Museum
  • Bourbon Street, of course
  • Ride the Street Car down St. Charles to see the beautiful southern homes (if you're lucky you'll be able to spot Beyonce and Jay Z's house from the line). Tip: It is $1.25 each way or $3 for all day and they do not give you change.
  • Check out a cemetery- since NOLA is a flood zone all of the tombs are above ground
  • Mardis Gras World- peep inside the complex where the Mardis Gras floats are made
  • Walk along the riverfront- check out the parks there, too
  • Gamble at Harrah's Casino

If you have any questions I'd be glad to answer them or help you find the answer!



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